Resurgence of Acid Attacks in Iran, on Three Young Kurdish Women in Bokan

Kurdpa: Following a series of acid attacks on women in the Iranian city of Isfahan in 2014, similar attacks are reported in the Kurdish city of Bokan in Wurme (West Azerbijan) Province.

Kurdistan News Agency, Kurdpa has learned that a woman and two girls were victims of acid attacks on July 14.

On Tuesday night at approximately 11 o’clock, a woman and a girl passing by the ‘Sangin Intersection’ became the targets of this vicious attack.
Swesna one of the victims of the barbaric acid attack in Iran

Swensa Ismaelnizhad, 24, a civil engendering student and the director of the local ‘Mang library’ in Bokan, is reported to be one of the victims. The assailants were in a Kia Pride when they threw acid on her back and shoulders, a source reports. The source also reported that the second victim that fateful night was Rashid Faizinizhad, a well-known Kurdish expatriate singer’s daughter-in-law.

Kurdpa has learned that the third victim was a 24-year-old girl, who was later transferred to the local ‘Goli Poor’ Hospital in Bokan.

Ali Ismaelnizhad, a political activist living outside of Iran and the
brother of Swesna Ismaelnizhad

Ali Ismaelnizhad, a political activist living outside of Iran and the
brother of Swesna Ismaelnizhad, told Kurdpa that the assailants were the same ‘morality police’ deployed to create fear among people. He reported that his family has been continuously pressured and threatened by the authorities due to his political activities, orientation and involvement.

The acid attack took place at a busy intersection, and emphasized that only those close to the authorities can carry out such a vicious attack with so many people around and get away with it, said Ali Ismaelnizhad.

In 2014, a series of acid attacks took place in the major cities of Isfahan and Tehran sparked horror and outrage. The victims reportedly stated those responsible for the attack were the Basijis and the morality police.

Reports indicated those responsible for the attack were later identified and were not charged or arrested.

A number of women activists and human rights organizations issued a statement condemning the attacks and accused the judicial ministry and authority for not taking necessary measures to bring the perpetrators to justice. The statement further stated the indifference of the authorities on these attacks were the fuel behind future assaults.

Writing by Kurdpa Staff Writers, translation by Kajal Mohammadi and editing by Sharmin Hassaniani.

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