Pursuit-evasion of businessmen and firing at Iran Khodro in Mahabad

Kurdpa Agency: The Iranian government\'s law enforcement officers are getting shots the Iran Khodro office in Mahabad during a business Pursuit-evasion.

According to a report from the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Sunday, March 7th, law enforcement officers targeted the Iran Khodro office in Karmandan town in entrance of Mahabad are getting shots.

An informed source told the Kurdpa Agency that the government\'s troops had targeted the businessmen directly and simultaneously getting shots at Iran Khodro\'s office.

This source adding that the Mahabad citizens has protested against the police force.

This source said that the police did not have any casualties and only Iran Khodro\'s office was financially damaged.

Citizens of Mahabad are protesting against this move, announced that during the pursuit, policemen did not comply with the principles of shooting at all.

In recent years, the law enforcement Islamic Republic of Iran in tribble roads of Kurdistan on the pretext of carrying smuggled goods, they will pursuit and shooting the passengers of the cars which in some cases led to the deaths of Kurdish citizens, and no legal entity is responsible for illegal actions by agents.