Piranshahr Environmentalists Association: Killing the horse of tradesmen is a clear offensive to the creatures and took their life

Kurdpa Agency: The Piranshahr Environmentalists Association criticized the government officials for killing the horses of the tradesmen.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, Piranshahr Environmentalists Association has reported the loss of dozens of horses of businessmen in the mountains of the Merga Choko, Piranshahr.

This environmentalists association has responded to killing of the horses of businessmen by government forces: \" how is it possible to murder these animals in drumhead court-martial?!.

The Piranshahr Environmentalists Association said that this is \"a clear offense against animals and deprivation, there is no point in killing them anywhere in the law.\"

According to the Environmentalists association, \"while they kill the Kolbars, their horses will also be killed, as all the businesses will be taken from them.\"

Government troops in the mountains of \"Merga Choko\", Piranshahr have sprayed tens of horses of the tradesmen and abandoned the carcasses of horses in nature.