Piranshahr / A Kurdish Kolbar amputated due to a mine explosion

16:00 - 12 November 2020

 On the evening of Saturday, the 7th of November, a Kurdish Kolbar named "Saber Khezri", 28 years old, the son of Mohammad from  "Kohan Khane", Piranshahr, was severely wounded and paralyzed in the leg following a mine explosion.

 A source familiar with the incident told Kurdpa: "This Kolbar was injured in an explosion of mines left over from the eight-year war between Iran and Iraq on the Piranshahr border and was taken to medical centers in the Iraqi Kurdistan region for medical treatment."

 This informed source reported that the general condition of this Piranshahr Kolbar is serious.

 On the evening of Sunday, November 1st, a Kurdish Kolbar named "Loghman Rahimi" from the city of "Banehvareh" in the Paveh district was severely injured and amputated in the leg by a landmine explosion on the Shoshme-Nowsud border.

this was happened to Loghman Rahimi due to the mines left from  8 years Iraq-Iran war in Shoshme-Nowsud border.