Pendant (94-15): KURDPA’S Weekly Report on Women’s Rights Issues

Kurdpa: This week’s Pendant report consists of five case of human rights violations in Kurdistan. The first case involves a woman from the city of Baneh who became victim of a vicious acid attack, the second is the deteriorating condition of Maryam Akbar Monfared in prison; the third is the hanging of another women, and the other two include the solitary confinement of two women in preparation for capital punishment.

The Third Week of August 2015

Kurdistan: Baneh Acid Attack Results in Injury

A woman from Baneh became a victim of a vicious acid attack causing her serious injuries. On August 20, 2015, a Kurdish women and resident of the city of Baneh was attacked by four strangers on the Kamarband street that left half her face burned and disfigured.

The victim has been identified as 38 years old Afsina Qurbani. Afsina was in critical condition and under close monitor by doctors at the hospital in Sina (Sanandaj).

Similarly, four woman and girls were savagely attacked using acid at a 3-way intersection in Bokan severely wounding them all.

Psychologists report that the condition of acid attack victims is as severe as death in that the victims will never regain the beauty of their face and body.


The Critical Condition of Maryan Akabri Monafard in Prison

After 6 years of imprisonment, Maryan Akabri Monafard continues to be denied furlough and access to a physician.

Maryan Akabri Monafar is a political activist who was imprisoned 6 years ago for her participation in the 2009 green movement protests. She has been denied the right to furlough and access to a physician since her imprisonment.

Maryam is a mother of three children. Her husband states that “ since her imprisonment in 2009 she ha not been granted even an hour of furlough despite the fact that I put down 1,155,000,000 Tomans (app. 38,692.50 US$) for 2 years of bail.”

Maryam Akbari Monfared who was arrested in January 2010, following the Shiite Ashura celebrations. She was sentenced to 15 years of imprisonment in branch number 15 of the revolutionary court by chief judge Salavati, on June 1, 2010. She has been charged with belligerence and accused of being a supporter and member of MEK (People\'s Mojahedin of Iran). She has rejected the allegation countless times.

The Executions of Women In Iran Continues

Fatima Adade was executed after being sent to solitary confinement in Gohar Dasht prison.

A woman was executed and three others were sent to solitary confinement in preparation for their executions by hanging.

On Monday (date), Fatima Adade was executed after being sent to solitary confinement in Gohar Dasht prison. Fatima Adade who was arrested 8 years ago leaves behind a daughter and it was not until this report was released that the family learned of her prison term.

What’s more, on Saturday, August 10, a woman by the name of Baniwe Batool, aged 55, who has been in prison for over 4 years was sent to solitary confinement in preparation for her order of execution. Baniwe Batool is mother to 3 children.

Furthermore, another woman who has been a prisoner for over 14 years has been sentenced to death by hanging. Her execution is scheduled for a week from today.


Kurdistan Press Agency, Kurdpa
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Writing by Kurdpa Staff Writers, translation and editing by Halmat P.


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