Pendant (94-14): KURDPA’S Weekly Report on Women’s Rights Issues

Kurdpa: This week’s Pendant update includes women’s rights violations in Kurdistan, which consists of:

• Self-immolation of two women in the suburbs of Wurme and Marivan
• Human rights violations against four women

Social problems claim the life of two women and a young girl in Kurdistan

Asides from the internal family issues, the social problems in Iran have been claiming lives among the young, and more recently among women.

According to published reports, a few days ago a woman from the city of Marivan set herself on fire and lost her life due to the severity of her burns. The deceased woman’s name was Fatemeh, and she was the daughter of Ahmed. Fatima, reportedly engaged, was the latest victim of self-immolation and was a resident of Mosk 2 district in Mariwan. She took her life as her family was living in severe poverty.

Also, a 35-year-old woman from the village of Kani Spi from the suburb of Shino ended her life by setting herself on fire, as well. She died in Wurme’s general hospital a few days after she was admitted.

Unstable Health condition of Kurdish political prisoners;

Political prisoners in Iran, particularly the female Kurdish prisoners, are subjected to extreme authoritarian rules enforced by security guards and psychological tortures imposed by the injustice that threatens their life. A Kurdish female political prisoner, Narges Mahmoodi, is now in critical condition because authorities are denying her the urgent medical care that she needs.

According to published reports on the August 2, Mahmoodi’s health took a sharp turn for the worse in the notorious Evin prison. She was reluctantly transferred by the security guards to Talaghani general hospital in Tehran. It is said that she was transferred back to the prison immediately after her initial examination where she was diagnosed with muscle paralysis, and against the advice of her doctor, she did not receive the urgent and immediate care needed by a specialist.

Her husband constantly informs prison officials of her unstable health.

Nerges Mahmoodi is a journalist and spokesperson for the local human rights organization; she was captured on May 5 at her residence.
Mahmoodi was charged with provoking people to demonstrate against the policies of the Islamic regime in front of the Iranian parliament in Tehran and in the city of Esfehan. She was sentenced by branch #15 of the Islamic court by Judge Soltani.

Additionally, two political prisoners were also taken to the hospital due to their unstable conditions. Sadigheh Moradi and Mahvesh Shahriari were taken to the Tajrish hospital to be further investigated for their health conditions through MRI tests.

Sadigheh Moradi was captured on May 1, 2011 and was later taken to Evin prison. She was charged with helping the anti-revolution groups. She was sentenced to a 10-year imprisonment by court #28 of the Islamic revolutionary court.

Mahvesh Shahriari is one of the seven Baha\'i women that was captured in 2007 and was in solitary confinement for 6 months. She was later diagnosed with heart problems due to the difficult conditions she was subjected to while in prison. Shahriari was sentenced to a 20-year jail term for two years after she was held at Evin.

Basma, political prisoner, was released after her long hunger strike!

Basma ElJabori, an Iraqi citizen was released from prison after refusing to eat for a long duration of time. International support following ElJabori’s hunger strike secured her release from jail. She was transferred to a minimal security camp in the city of Askarabad. It is said that she was later deported to her home city of Zaedi. ElJabori was charged with espionage for the Iraqi government and had been sentenced to five years in prison. She served 26 months of her sentence in Evin prison.

Writing by Kurdpa Staff Writers and editing by Sharmin Hassaniani.


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