PDKI\'s Peshmarga clash with the IRGC in support of Kolbars

Kurdpa Agency: Kurdistan Peshmerga Force affiliated with the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan were clashed with the Revolutionary Guards forces in the Piranshahr Heights.

On Sunday afternoon, June 30th, a military engagement between the Peshmerga forces and the Revolutionary Guards forces.

The Kurdistan Peshmarga headquarters affiliated PDKI announced in a statement on the Kurdistan Media website: The Terrorist Revolutionary Guards Corps forces were attacked the Kolbars in the highlands\' border between Piranshahr and Choman and in support of the Kolbars, Kurdistan\'s Peshmerga forces were engaged with the Revolutionary Guard forces.

According to the statement, after the defeat of the Revolutionary Guard forces, the IRGC\'s artillery bombarded Iraqi Kurdistan Heights at the border of Choman and shelling the place of ordinary civilians.

The Kurdistan Peshmerga Force headquarters reports that the Peshmerga forces are in good health condition and no information is available on the casualties of the Revolutionary Guard Corps.