Over the past 11 years, 68 Kolbars have died in snow and cold on the borders of Kurdistan

10:47 - 26 June 2022

The direct firing of security forces is the leading cause of Kolbars's death. But the choice of dangerous roads to cross the border and get caught in the snow and cold is another factor that has killed many Kolbars.

A few days ago, the body of Asad Sidani-Fard was found by local residents after 158 days of disappearing in snow and blizzard. The bodies of Behlool Seydani-Fard and Barzani Mihani, who had gone to Culberi in threes, were found after 135 and 114 days, respectively.

In the last 11 years, 68 colts have died in the snow and cold, and 22 people have suffered frostbite and injuries. Five of these Kolbars were under 18 years old. In 16 cases, the Kolbars have died in groups, and three Colbrans, who were frostbitten and injured, suffered amputations.

Statistics of casualties by border points:

The names of the Kolbars who died by years:

The year 1390: 4 cases of death 

  • Hiwa Naqshbandi, Rahim Hamidi, from Vashmzin village, Sardasht province 
  • Ismail Ahmadi and his brother Rahim Ahmadi, from Shalmash village of Sardasht province

The year 1391: 2 cases of death

  • Mustafa Rimas, son of Mullah Morad, from Dalavan village of Piranshahr
  •  Ahmad, 48-year-old Kolbar, son of Khezr and a resident of Piranshahr

The year 1392: 11 cases of death

  • Farhang Fattahi, 17 years old, and Yaser Ansarinejad, 22 years old, resident of Khaneghah village in Targever region of Urmia
  • Parviz Dehghan and Ziad Dargahi, from the village of Piranjouk in the Soma district of Bradost
  • Shoresh Tamashakhaneh, Taher Koche baghan, and another Kolbar
  • Fakhro Shinodkan and his brother Shaker sons of Ahmad, from Gassian village of Urmia
  • Adam Gardipour, son of Mustafa, from Sheikh Zard village of Urmia
  • Khabat Shinozad, son of Ismail, from Dizaj village of Urmia

The year 1392: 2 cases of death

  • Ebrahim Mohammadzadeh, son of Ahmad, 40 years old, from Shalim Jaran village, Piranshahr
  • Ebrahim Paymard, son of Rahman, 24 years old and from Khoranj village in Piranshah

The year 1394: 2 cases of death

  • Kamran Poursmoyan and Mamadghoochi Kotalan, from Sheiban village in Urmia

The year 1395: 7 cases of death

  • Diar Mohammadnejad, 18 years old and son of Hamzeh, from Sardasht
  • Shirzad Abdollahi is 27 years old and the son of Omar from Sardasht
  • Hiwa Ibrahimiya (Hiwa Rash), 22 years old, the son of Abdullah from Baneh
  • Mohammad Hamzehzadeh, 22, from Mahabad 
  • Omid Khezrian, 19 years old, from Oshnoyeh
  • Rizgar Sakani ‌Far from Pasan village of Urmia
  • Karwan Rashkeh, son of Abu Bakr and 17 years old, from the village of "Mirabad" in Sardasht

The year 1396: 10 cases of death

  • Behrouz Issazadeh, Qutbuddin Ahmadi, Hassan Saeedi, and Mostafa Hafez from the village of Givaran and Tarsabad in the Qotur region
  • Hiwa Mostafavi, 32 years old, from the village of "Poushabad" in Oshnoyeh
  • Idris Bayazidi, 25 years old, son of Qader, from Sangan village, Oshnoyeh
  • Khedr Tabnak, from the village of Singan in Oshnoyeh 
  • Soleiman Khezri, 37 years old, son of Hussein, from the village of "Kani Mam Seyedeh" in Piranshahr
  • Jadih and Sabri Valinejad, from Avk village of Targor region of Urmia
  • Khedr Abdollahi, 60 years old, from Piranshahr

The year 1397: 11 cases of death

  • Muzaffar Hosseini, 35 years old, son of Ali, from Gassian village of Margaver region of Urmia
  • Zanyar Azizzadeh, son of Soleiman, from Piranshahr
  • Javad Golabi, 35 years old, from Meloneh village in Urmia
  • Salar Tanhaei, 32 years old, from Javanrood city
  • Yousef (Zanyar) Mohammadi Asl, from Piranshahr
  • Ayub Amini, son of Mohammad, from the village of Dashwan in Salmas 
  • Amir Taheri, 20 years old, from Gargareh village in Chaldoran 
  • Matin Badakhshan, a young Kolbar from Piranshahr
  • Taher Adibi, 21 years old, and Farhad Naghshi, 31 years old, from Issa Golik village in Chaldoran
  • Shaker Miyavghi (Pourkhaled), from Urmia

The year 1398: 7 cases of death

  • Hossein Shamoozadeh, from Kani Ashkot village, Piranshahr
  • Bahman (Yousef) Jasour Nelous, 22 years old, son of Baghi, from Shinabad, Piranshahr
  • Sirwan Peshang, from the village of Mosalan in Piranshahr
  • Farhad Khosravi, 14 years old, and his brother Azad Khosravi, 17 years old, from Ney village, Marivan 
  • Osman Fotuhi, from Tazehabad village, Saqqez
  • Azad Omari, 22 years old, from Ravian village, Qotur 

The year 1399: 7 cases of death

  • Matin Aslani, son of Osman; Yavar Aslani, son of Loghman, Beilen Ahmadi, son of Sadegh, Molaei Khodaei, son of Hatem and Furat Khodaei, son of Khorshid
  • Shahram Ghaderi , 25 years old from Bukan 
  • Ebrahim Pourmohammad, son of Reza from the village of "Qarahjohoran" in Chaldoran

The year 1400: 5 cases of death

  • Fahim Mamadi Ghezel Kand, 35, from Salmas
  • Behlool Seydanifard, son of Karim, Barzan Mahini, son of Shaukat, and Asad Seydanifard, son of Rahim, from the village of "Bavan" in Urmia
  • Mohammad Sur Wardeh, a resident of the village of "Wardeh" in Rabat, Sardasht