Oshnavieh; Five Kurdish citizens were sentenced to prison

 Five Kurdish citizens named "Rahman Asadi", "Farhad Maroufi", "Obaid Anvari", "Ribvar Charakdari" and "Jalal Qaderzadeh" from Oshnavieh were sentenced to a total of 13 years in prison by the First Branch of the Revolutionary Court of this city.

 According to the verdict, Rahman Asadi was sentenced to four years in prison, Farhad Maroufi to three years in prison, Obaid Anvari to two years in prison, Rebvar Charkdari to one year in prison, and Jalal Qaderzadeh to three years in prison.

 The First Branch of the Oshnavieh Revolutionary Court, headed by Judge Rezaei, has charged these five citizens with "membership and cooperation with one of the Kurdish opposition parties of the Iranian government."

 The trial of the five Kurdish citizens took place last year in the First Branch of the Oshnavieh Revolutionary Court, and they were notified of the verdicts on Saturday, March 26th.

 The five citizens were arrested by security forces on Monday, August 2, 2021, without any court order, and they were transferred to a security detention center in Urmia for questioning.

 The five citizens were denied "access to a lawyer" and "family visits" during their detention.

 On Tuesday, August 24th, Jalal Qaderzadeh, son of Abdullah from "Nalous", Farhad Maroufi, son of Hassan from "Aliabad" village, Obaid Anvari, son of Rahim from "Aliabad" village and Rebvar Charkdari, son of Mohammad from Oshnavieh, were released temporarily from Oshnavieh prison on bail until the end of their trial.

 On Monday, October 4, 2021, Rahman Asadi, the son of Mahmoud from the village of "Aliabad" in district of Oshnavieh, was released on bail on a temporary basis until the end of the trial from the detention center of the Urmia Intelligence Office.

 Photo: Obaid Anvari, Rahman Asadi, Jalal Qaderzadeh, Farhad Maroufi and Ribvar Charakdari