Orumiyeh Vice- Governor: PDKI and Komala are Behind the Unrest

Kurdpa: Provincial officials have kept a tight lid on the events that unfolded on Sunday. Rather than responding to calls for justice by the public, officials are threatening Mahabad’s residents with reprisal.

This Friday morning, Orumieh (West Azerbijan) province’s political, social and security deputy, Alireza Radfar, attended a press conference to answer questions about the unrest in the city the night before, following the death of farinaz Khosrovani, the female hotel chambermaid who jumped out of one of the hotel’s windows to escape her rapist.

In the press conference, Radfar hinted that they are holding a suspect in what is being described as murder, however, he ruled out any assaults on the victim. “There was not any [sexual] assault involved. The deceased slipped out of the window, fell and died while rushing through the door,” Radfar told reporters.

The provincial official criticized protesters for damages made to the hotel and other properties, adding “This incident and the actions of its youth are understandable; however it undermines Mahabad and its developing position”.

From the onset, Radfar blamed the unrest on the ‘anti-revolutionary’ forces and accused them of ‘fabricating news’ which led to the unrest, “A series of internet sites belonging to foreigners that are run by enemy and anti-revolutionary parties are spreading lies that a security agent was present at the hotel. They are suggesting that the victim fell while escaping, which are quite untrue”, he further added.

He referred to the two main Kurdish parties, Komala and Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan as the main instigators of the unrest. “We appeal to the esteemed people of Mahabad and the parents of the disenfranchised youth to enlighten their kids so they do not fall into the treacherous agenda of Komala and Democrat [Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan],” he concluded.
The Kurdish regions of Iran are among the least developed areas of Iran. The rate of unemployment is among the highest in the country. The regime officials have always blamed such underdevelopments on the instability caused by national movements.

Kurds in Iran are third largest nation group after Persians and Azari Turks. They comprise roughly 17 percent of Iran’s 80 million population. Kurdish areas of Iran include the four provinces of West Azarbijan, Kordestan, Kirmanshah and Ilam.

Writing by Kurdpa Staff Writers and editing by Sharmin Hassaniani