One Kolbar was injured and three other Kolbars were detained at the Urmia border

 On the evening of Saturday, August 15, a Kurdish Kolbar named "Salman Mahmoudian", the son of Saeed from the village of "Shakl Abad" in the Margavar region at the border with Urmia, was wounded by government troops and three other Kolbars named "Parviz Mohammadi" the son of Khalid, from "Bavan village, Sami Mohammadi, son of Faisal, from Bavan village, and Jafar Mohammadi, son of Khalil, from Bavan village," were arrested by government forces.

 These group of Kolbars from the Margavar area at the Urmia border were ambushed by government forces and targeted by Iranian government forces without prior notice.

 Salman Mahmoudian, who was injured in the incident, was taken to Urmia Medical Center for medical treatment and is currently under medical care.

 The detained Kolbars are being held by government forces. 

 Photo: Sami Mohammadi, Parviz Mohammadi and Salman Mahmoudian