Nowruz ceremony of \"Hasan Nuran\" village was violently intercepted by the Revolutionary Guards

Kurdpa Agency: The Nowruz ceremony in the village of \"Hasan Nuran\",Oshnavieh has lead into violence by interference of Revolutionary Guards.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency on Wednesday, March 20th, the Revolutionary Guards onslaught the place of Nowruz celebration in the village Hasan Nuran, Oshnavieh and involved with the participants of the ceremony.

An informed source told Kurdpa Agency that residents of Hasan Nuran village were attacked by Revolutionary Guards during the Nowruz celebrations, and the IRGC forces prevented the ceremony by shooting in air and creating an atmosphere of fear.

According to this source, the Revolutionary Guard forces were set up in the village of Hasan Nuran after preventing the celebration of Nowruz, and ruled out the security atmosphere in the village.

This source said, This action of the Revolutionary Guards has created a wave of dissatisfaction among residents of the village of Hasan Nuran.

Until the moment of publication of this news, the Revolutionary Guard Corps increases the number of its forces in the village of Hassan Nuran, which controls the movement of the inhabitants of this village.