Mojgan Kavoosi was accused of "corruption on the earth"

16:21 - 24 December 2022

Mojgan Kavoosi, a former political prisoner and one of the linguistic and ethnic rights activists from Kalardasht, Mazandaran, was accused of "corruption on the earth" by the first branch of the Sari Revolutionary Court during the trial of his charges.

 According to an informed source, on Tuesday, December 20th, the first hearing of Mojgan Kavoosi's accusations was held in the first branch of the Sari Revolutionary Court with the presence of Osman Mozayan and Maziar Tatai, the lawyers of his case, and in addition to the previous accusations, also she has been accused of "corruption on earth". 

 Ms. Kavoosi has been accused in the Nowshahr courthouse of "insulting the leader of Iran's government", "spreading lies", "propaganda against the regime", "inciting people to war and killing with the intention of disrupting the country's national security" and "collaborating with hostile countries".  At the court stage, the acceptance of a lawyer for Mojgan Kavoosi's case was opposed.

 On Thursday, September 22nd, this Kurdish activist was arrested by the security forces in his personal home and after the interrogation was completed, she was transferred to Tankabon prison.

 Mojgan Kavoosi has been convicted before that and on Wednesday, January 5, 2022, she was released from Kechoi Karaj prison with a leave of absence.