Mohammad Hossein Aghasi, Attorney of Mohammad Nazari: I\'m very worried

Kurdpa Agency: Urmia Central Prison authorities prevent the medical treatment of Mohammad Nazari ( the political prisoners) in this prison.

Mohammad Hossein Aghasi, the lawyer of Mohammad Nazari, a political prisoner detained in Urmia Prison, announced on his Twitter page about his client\'s deterioration condition.

He wrote: Mohammad Nazari informed that as a result of a 90-day hunger strike, he had a suspicious tumor in his stomach but he was denied to admit at the hospital for treatment.

Mohammad Hossein Aghasi further wrote: \"He was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1994 on charges of execution, and my attempt to de novo trial was not affected by 25 years imprisonment. I\'m very worried a lot.

محمدنظری اطلاع دادکه درنتیجه اعتصاب غذای نود روزه اش تومور مشکوک در معده اش دیده شده ولی اجازه بستری شدن ومعالجه به وی داده نمی شود.
اودرسال۷۳ به اتهام محارب به اعدام وباتخفیف به حبس ابد محکوم شد وتلاش اینجانب برای اعاده دادرسی نیز با تحمل ۲۵ سال حبس مؤثر واقع نشد.
بشدت نگرانم.

— محمد حسين آقاسي MOHAMAD H AGHASI (@Mhaghasi1) 8 July 2019

According to an informed source to the Urmia prison said that Urmia Prison authorities did not even allow medical treatment to Mohammad Nazari in prison\'s clinic.

Mohammad Nazari, a Kurdish political prisoner from Shahin Dezh, on May 30th, 1994, was arrested on charges of \"supporting and propagating for Kurdish opposition parties of the Iranian government\" by the security forces of the Abuzar Army of the city of Bokan, he was sentenced to death with the absence of a lawyer and headed by Judge Jalilzadeh, the Revolutionary Courts of Urmia chairman.

The decree of this Kurdish citizen finally with a degree of relief in 1999, dropped to life imprisonment and has since been detained in the prisons of Urmia and Rajayishahr Karaj and has been deprived of any leave of absence entitlement. On November 5th, 2017, this political prisoner, at the request of Mohammad Hossein Aghasi, sued his 99-day hunger strike at Rajayishahr Prison in Karaj, after that he was transferred to the Urmia Central Prison.