Mine blasting got a victim in Baneh

Kurdpa Agency: Two Kurdish guys were killed and injured in a mine blast at Baneh\'s altitudes.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Tuesday morning, May 14th, a young kurd guy named Shaho Sepahi, a 20-year-old, son of Toofigh from Baneh, was killed due to mine explosion, and another guy was severely injured.

These two young Banaian people have been involved in this explosion while they are passing in Sorkiou altitudes of the Nirvan village, Baneh.

The injured guy in this incident has been transferred to the medical treatment and undergoing surgery.

The body of Shaho Sepahi has been transferred to the Baneh\'s Hospital and has not been delivered to his family so far.

photo: Shaho Sepahi