Marivan; Two citizens were injured by IRGC forces

19:23 - 27 April 2022

 On Tuesday, April 26th, two Kurdish citizens, Osman Weisi, 32, from the villages of Golchir, and Kayvan, from Marivan, were wounded by Revolutionary Guards fire.

 According to an informed source, IRGC forces fired on these two citizens near the village of Hassan Oleh in the Marivan district without prior notice, on suspicion of carrying smuggled goods.

 The informed source stated: The two Kurdish citizens were transferred to Bu Ali Hospital in Marivan for medical treatment, and then Osman Veisi was transferred to Tohid Hospital in Sanandaj due to the severity of his injuries.

 The informed source said: it is supposed the surgery should be performed for Osman Veisi in Tohid Hospital in Sanandaj.

 Osman Veisi is married and has two children.

 In this regard, on Tuesday, April 26th, a Kurdish citizen named "Kamal Bayzidpour", the son of Khalid from the village of "Darbakah" in Piranshahr, was wounded by police officers on the Piranshahr-Mahabad road.

 Photo: Osman Veisi