Marivan; Detention of a citizen by security forces

 On Sunday, January 30th, a Kurdish citizen named "Khabat weisi", 24, son of Abdullah from the village of "Gol-e Cheyar" in Marivan, was arrested by security forces.

 According to an informed source, security forces raided the citizen's family home and arrested him without any court order.

 The informed source added: the security forces confiscated and took away the mobile phone of Khabat weisi and his father.

 The informed source stated: On Monday, January 31st, Mr. weisi announced in a short phone call to his family that he was in the IRGC intelligence detention center.

 No information is available on the reason for the arrest and the charges against this citizen.

 Abdullah weisi, the father of Khabat weisi, was also arrested by security forces on July 20, 2019, and was released on bail on Thursday, November 7th of that year.