Marivan; Arrest of a protester by security forces

13:43 - 20 September 2022

Today, Tuesday, September 20th, a protester citizen named "Khabat weisi", 24 years old, the son of Abdullah from Golchir village, Marivan, who was wounded by the anti-riot forces during the protests against the killing of Zhina Amini, was arrested by the security forces. 

 According to an informed source, the security forces raided this citizen's house without any court order and arrested him.

 This informed source added: This citizen was taken to an unknown place after being arrested.

 On Sunday, January, 30, 2022, Mr. weisi was arrested by the security forces without any court order, and on Monday, February, 28th of the same year, he was temporarily released from Marivan prison by posting a bail of one billion Tomans until the end of the proceedings.