Mahabad; Arasto Malarahimi was sentenced to prison

11:26 - 30 April 2021

 The first branch of the Revolutionary Court of Mahabad sentenced "Arasto (Rasoul) Malarahimi", a civil activist of this city, to prison.

 According to the verdict of the court of first instance, this civil activist was sentenced to 31 months and 16 days in prison on charges of "membership in a Kurdish opposition parties of the Iranian regime" and to 7 months and 16 days in prison on charges of "propaganda against the regime", including the days of previous detention, he has been condemned.

 According to the consolidation law, the maximum sentence is applicable to this civil activist.

 The sentence issued against this civil activist was issued by the First Branch of the Revolutionary Court of Mahabad on March 17, 2021, and was notified to him on March 27th.

 Mr. Malarrahimi has been appealed against by the Court of First Instance and his case has been referred to the Court of Appeals for review.

 On Saturday, January 30th, this citizen was released from Mahabad prison on bail.

 The civil activist was arrested on Saturday, January 23rd, after being summoned to the Mahabad Intelligence Bureau and arrested.

 The civil activist was transferred to Mahabad Prison after several hours of interrogation.

 Security forces summoned and arrested this civil activist by telephone after publishing an article about the anniversary of the founding of the Republic of Kurdistan on social media.

 Arasto Malarahimi has played an active role in helping the flood victims of Lorestan and the earthquake victims of Qotur and Kermanshah in the center of Mahabad People's Aid Headquarters and popular campaigns in this city.