Mahabad; A citizen was sentenced to 10 years and one day in prison

A Kurdish citizen named "Hossein Alvand Koohi", 29,  son of Aziz, a resident of Mahabad, was sentenced by the Third Branch of the Criminal Court of this city, headed by Judge "Gholam Karimkhani", to 10 years and one day in prison.

 The court charged this citizen with "armed action and clashes with Revolutionary Guards forces" and the sentence was announced on Wednesday, December 29th.

 This verdict can be appealed in the Supreme Court within twenty days.

 The third branch of the Mahabad Criminal Court issued this sentence for this citizen, citing a report by the Piranshahr Intelligence Office.

 Hossein Alvand Koohi was arrested by security forces in September 2019 and released on bail pending trial.

 In this regard,  branch 3rd of the Mahabad Criminal Court, headed by Judge Gholam Karimokhani, sentenced Shirko Agushi, a former political prisoner from Piranshahr, to ten years and one day in prison.

 The court issued this sentence on charges of "armed action and clashes with the Revolutionary Guards" for this citizen, and the sentence was announced today, Wednesday, December 29th.