Loghman Ahmadpour was executed in Sanandaj Central Prison

 This morning, Wednesday, April 22nd, the death sentence of a prisoner accused of "premeditated murder" named "Loghman Ahmadpour" from Baneh was carried out in Sanandaj Central Prison.

 This prisoner was arrested three years ago on charges of "premeditated murder" in Baneh and later sentenced to Qisas.

 Loghman Ahmadpour is 30 years old, married and has two children.

 In this regard, on Tuesday, April 21st, Shayan Saeedpour, a prisoner sentenced to death, was executed in Saqez Prison.

 On August 19th, 2015, Shayan Saeedpour, while under the age of 18,  in a clash with a citizen killed a person named Suleman Azadi.

 He was sentenced to death by the First Branch of the Criminal Court of Sanandaj on October 23rd, 2018 under the chairmanship of Judge Vafaeian, and the verdict was upheld by the Supreme Court in February.