Kurdpa's application for membership in Impact Iran was accepted

23:36 - 26 June 2022

Following the application of Kurdpa Human Rights Organization to join the Impact Coalition of Iran, on Tuesday, June 21, 2022, Kurdpa was accepted as a member of this coalition.

 The Impact Iran Coalition is designed to enhance the efforts of Iranian civil society to engage with the wider UN human rights system, along with various intergovernmental processes aimed at strengthening human rights protection in Iran.

 The coalition represents 17 NGOs to draw attention to the human rights situation in Iran and to encourage the Iranian government to address the concerns expressed by the international community and international human rights organizations.

 Kurdpa Human Rights Organization also seizes the opportunity to interact with the UN-wide human rights system and will work to increase its capacity to address human rights issues in Kurdistan, seeking to gain more knowledge and accountability in this way as a human rights institution.

 Finally, Kurdpa expresses its respect to the members of Impact Iran for accepting this membership and will make every effort to provide the best performance in this mechanism.