Kurdpa Agency disclose from Hassan Baba\'i extrajudicial Actions in Case of Two Kurdish Political Prisoners

Kurdpa Agency: The execution of two Kurdish political prisoners from Sanandaj has been done within 48 hours by the head of the Revolutionary Court.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, two Kurdish political prisoners, Nader and Kayumars Mohammadi, from the village of Shian, Sanandaj were executed on the orders of Hassan Babaei, the head of the Revolutionary Court of Sanandaj, within 48 hours.

An informed source from the Sanandaj Justice Department told the Kurdpa Agency: this behavior of the extra-judicial actions of a judge is unacceptable which it is also the breaking law, interfering in the various stages from the prosecution stage to the issuance of confirmation and enforcement of the decision is also in the case of political defendants. Judge Hasan Babaei during the process of Nader and Kayumars Mohammadi, members of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan on the charge of killing Naser Biglari, a retired colonel of the Revolutionary Guards Corps.

This informed source added: Hasan Babaei was always proudly reminded at the meetings of the Judicial Council of the province that in the shortest possible time, without finalizing the preliminary investigations, he convicted them to death sentences without a lawyer, and, until the moment of execution, they were given to the Kurdistan Ettelaat of Sepah. He was personally filed the case and taken to the Supreme Court and received the vote within 48 hours of voting.

This source said, these two Kurdish political prisoners were at the disposal of Shahramfar\'s Revolutionary Guards Corps until the moment they were executed.

This informed source stated that before teaching a special criminal law(3) at undergraduate level at Payam Noor University in Sanandaj should be granted with the university\'s permission only to Baba\'i, the head of the Revolutionary Court of Sanandaj
and Taybali, vice president of the Public Prosecution and Revolutionary Tribunal of Sanandaj.

Nader and Kayumars Mohammadi were arrested on February 18th 2007 in Sanandaj by the IRGC intelligence and transferred to the Shahramfar Station.

On August 4th, 2007, the second branch of the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal of Sanandaj sentenced the two political prisoners to death for \"moharebeh through acts of national security and membership in the PDKI and the identification and assassination of individuals loyal to the Islamic Republic of Iran\", and then the verdict was equally upheld by The Supreme Court.

The execution of these two Kurdish political prisoners was released on October 17th, 2007 by the BBC Persian and on October 14th, 2007 in Kurdistan Media, the official website of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan.