Kurdistan / Flood, also brings Mines

Kurdpa Agency: Moving unexploded land mines in Kurdistan, in addition to flood dangers, threatens the lives of Kurdish citizens.

Human rights activists and journalists warned against the displacement of unexploded mines in Kurdistan by floods.

\"\"Dr. faraz firouzi mandomi, Ph.D. student and human rights activist
Dr. faraz firouzi mandomi, a Ph.D. student and a human rights activist, wrote on social networks on this topic: \"According to available information, and with the overflow of Zarivar Lake waters, there are lots of risk which threaten the inhabitants of the Marivan\'s villages, the border areas and even the city of Marivan! In addition to the dangers of floods, the most serious threat to the lives of people in those areas is the movement of thousands of mines that have not been neutralized since the Iran-Iraq war. The movement of these mines threatens the lives of the inhabitants. \"

This human rights activist says: For several years, the government has deliberately avoided to neutralize mines despite international donations. One of these reasons is the delimitation of the boundary between Iran and Iraq, based on the 1975 Algerian treaty between Iran and Iraq. The majority of peoples in these areas are farmers and will be catastrophic in their agricultural lands. Please inform people to prevent this human disaster.

\"\"Salman Zand, journalist
Another journalist named Salman Zand in the Tweets also said: Flood, also brings mines. Here is the Iranian border with Iraq. These days, frequent warning of in the border areas of the West Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Ilam and Khuzestan. People know about it, but there was no way to cope with. The floods take the soil, the mines come to ground. Of course, there is a way to prevent it, the borders must be cleaned up.

Since Monday, March 25th, the flood has covered most cities in Iran and Kurdistan, and the meteorological organization has warned about the flood in most cities of Iran and Kurdistan.

According to minefield.blogfa, 62 citizens were killed and wounded during the mine blast in 1397 solar Hijri.

According to these statistics, six of the victims were under the age of 18, and all victims have been mined in the Urumia, Sanandaj, Kermanshah, Ilam, Khuzestan and Sistan and Baluchestan.