Killed and wounded a tradesman and a Kolbar at the Sardasht border

16:23 - 28 December 2019

Kurdpa Agency: One tradesman and one Kolbar were killed and injured by direct firing by Iranian government troops at the Sardasht border.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Friday, December 27th, a Kurdish tradesman, Mohammad Rashidzadeh, 28, son of Hasan, from the village of Qaleh Rash, Sardasht was killed by direct firing by government troops. 

 This tradesman has been shot by government troops along with a group of Kurdish tradesmen at the border of Qaleh Rash in Sardasht.

 Government troops have targeted this group of tradesmen without any prior warning.

 On the other hand, the same day, a Kurdish Kolbar named "Khezr Binawa" from Sardasht was seriously injured after a direct firing by government troops at the city's border.

 He was transferred to Sardasht Hospital for medical treatment and his general condition has been reported in serious condition.