Karate player from Baneh was injured by the government soldiers during the Kolbari

17:26 - 15 September 2022

On Tuesday, September 13th, Hiwa Aziz nejat, a Karate player  from Baneh, was injured by the government soldiers at the "Hengehjal" border of this city while he was carrying goods.

 The government soldiers directly shot at this 19-year-old Kolbar from close range without any prior warning.

 This Kobar was injured in the leg and was taken to Salahuddin Ayubi Hospital for medical treatment.

 Hiva Aziznejat is a member of Iran's national karate team and one of the medal winners of Baneh's karate in different age groups in Iran.

 This karate player had won the national team's gold medal in the 55 kg weight category in 2021 and he had turned to Kolbari to finance his participation in the international karate competition that will be held in Turkey on October 7th of this year.