IRGC\'s cannonade led to fires of Marivan Forest pastures

Kurdpa Agency: Marivan Forest pastures were fired due to Bombardement by the Revolutionary Guards.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on Tuesday, June 18th, Miraji Mountain was targeted by the Revolutionary Guards with cannons.

According to an informed source, the IRGC\'s cannonade led to fires of Miraji Forest pastures and imposed severe damage to the environment.

This source added that the Revolutionary Guard forces have launched to bombard Miraji Mountain on the pretext of the presence of the Kurdish parties of the Iranian government opposition parties.

The indigenous residents of the Kurdistan region believe that the military-security institutions of the Islamic of Iran are setting on fire these forests on the pretext of the presence and concealment places of the Kurdish parties.

Citizens also said that in many cases, government troops are preventing from extinguishing the fire in the Kurdistan forest grasslands, and government-regulated institutions do not take any action to control the fire.