IRGC Prepares For Large Cultural Maneuver In Tehran

KURDPA: As more economists speak of the impossibility of bringing the new wave of inflation in Iran under control, Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) and the police are preparing themselves to confront potential social unrest in the future.

The rising police and Guards interventions and confrontation with the public, on the pretext of enforcing the hijab rules and cultural aggression are examples of such interventions and confrontations.

Iran’s deputy chief of police General Ahmad-Reza Radan, the official who has been legally accused in the lawsuit related to the illegal Kahrizak prison scandal, has announced a new wave of police interventions to deal with hijabviolations. He specified that automobiles with “provocative” colors would be dealt with, officers would visit hospital to remove physicians’ ties and women who in companies and hospitals wore cosmetics would be arrested.

As reported by Shargh newspaper, the IRGC’s SarAllah base in Tehran which played the most active role in suppressing the 2009 demonstrations against the official results of the contested presidential elections that re-instated Ahmadinejad at the presidency, is preparing itself for a “large cultural maneuver” which according to the commander of the base would “alter the face of Tehran” and remove the “four threats that confront Tehran.” The commander added that the force awaited ayatollah Khamenei’s green light to launch the operations after which the IRGC’s “soft power” - as the he put it - would be put on display.

And as Tehran is being prepared for this “soft power” show of force, Radan also announced that the towns on the Caspian coastline in the north too are included in this operation.

Radan’s message was also intended for still another group of citizens. “I officially announce that the police will definitely confront those in private hospitals and medical groups where women wear cosmetics and men wear ties on a regular basis. The tie is a Western symbol,” he declared. According to him the police would be soon sending text messages “explaining bad hijab” issues to the public.

Even before Radan’s threats were widely publicized, the police have already been reported to have launched their operations and arrested people on the excuse of “harassing women.” One witness told Rooz that he saw a person was arrested because of his red colored car.