Iranian security forces in search of a Kurdish social media activist

Kurdpa Press Agency: Iranian intelligence services are looking for a Kurdish media activist from Sanandaj.

According to the Kurdpa journalist, recently, Iranian intelligence services for the second time have raided the house of a Kurdish activist, Kavan Sajadi. The aim of the raid was to arrest Mr Sajadi. However, intelligence services did not manage to achieve their goal.

According to an informed source, early November 2018, Iranian intelligence services in Sanandaj, raided the house of Kavan Sajadi. After searching his house, security forces detained his wife, Fahimeh Zandi and took her to be interrogated at Sanandaj’s intelligence centre.

The source added that this was the second time in row that security forces raided the house of this Kurdish citizen. First time the intelligence services on 13th of October 2018, raided Kavan Sajadi’s house but he was not at home. However, security forces in an unlawful act, took his personal computer and books to intelligence services’ centre in Sanandaj.

The sources added that security forces have not declared the reason behind detaining Fahimeh Zandi, the wife of Kavan Sajadi. However, her husband has been accused of working with journalists based in the West and sending videos of December and January Iran Protests to outside of the country.

It is worth mentioning that Kavan Sajadi’s brother, Iraj Sajadi was shot and killed by the intelligence services’ forces on 14th of October 2007. He was shot and killed by the security forces while he was driving in his car.

After killing his brother, security forces claimed that Irej Sajadi had books and leaflets which were printed by one of the Kurdish opposition groups. However, Mr Sajadi was unarmed and he did not have any weapons in his car to trigger the shooting by the security forces.