Iran Says It Will Give Back The Downed US Sentinel Drone — As A Toy Model

Kurdpa - After losing the RQ-170 drone in the skies over Iran in November, the White House first admitted the drone was real, and then further outraged the Iranians by asking for it back.

With a burst of Irony, Tehran has agreed to comply, but instead of returning the original drone, it will scale \"The Beast of Kandahar\" down into a children\'s toy and send one to President Obama.

The Associated Press reports that the model will be one eightieth the size of the original drone and sold to the Iranian public for about $4 (via Arab News).

It is still unclear if the drone, which Iran says was 140 miles into its airspace, was forced down electronically or came to earth on its own after the U.S. lost control of its flight.