Iran parliament sends condolences over Kim Jong-Il

Kurdpa — Iran\'s lawmakers on Monday sent condolences to the parliament of North Korea over the death of Kim Jong-Il, with speaker Ali Larijani saying he grieved the loss of the leader of \"the friendly nation,\" according to the ISNA news agency.

\"I was much saddened when I was informed of the passing of Mr Kim Jong-Il, great leader of the friendly nation, the Democratic People\'s Republic of North Korea,\" read Larijani\'s message to his North Korean counterpart, Choe Tae-Bok.

\"On behalf of myself and my colleagues in parliament... I would like to express my sympathy to your government and nation and offer my condolences to you and his family,\" the message said.

Both North Korea and Iran are subject to international sanctions over their nuclear activities, and the two countries\' governments share a deep hostility towards the United States.

Pyongyang is also suspected of transferring banned ballistic missile technology to Tehran.

A confidential UN report, parts of which AFP gained access to in May this year, asserted that missile-related items were flown from North Korea to Iran on regular commercial flights by the countries\' respective flagship airlines.

Iran and its allies Russia and China have rejected the report\'s allegations as false.

Source - AFP