Iran: Illegal immigrants denied food and services

KURDPA: Iranian media report that the Fars Provincial government has prohibited the sale of food and the delivery of public and medical services to “illegal immigrants” in the province.

The province says it is attempting to prevent the spread of contagious diseases, and illegal residents have not gone through the stages of quarantine necessary to enter the country. Therefore, those who provide goods and services to “illegal immigrants” will reportedly face prosecution by Fars Province authorities.

Employers have also been warned against hiring illegal immigrants, and bakeries, grocery stores and medical centres are threatened with closure if they do so. In addition, authorities are calling on public transit operators to demand identification from foreign nationals.

The head of foreign nationals and immigrants’ affairs for Fars Province had announced previously that foreigners living there illegally had until June 22 to leave. He added that they will be placed in camps for identification and then deported back to their countries of origin.

In recent months, Afghan immigrants have faced escalating discrimination by various levels of the Islamic Republic government, which have introduced new restrictions on where they can live and work.

More than one million legal Afghan immigrants are said to be living in Iran. The deputy of foreign nationals and immigrants’ affairs reported last year that another two million Afghans are estimated to be living in Iran without legal status.