Increasing number of Kurdish citizens detained in Bokan and Naqadeh

 On Tuesday, January 19th, six Kurdish citizens, Hossein Mehraban, Hiresh Rasoulpour, Fouad Mohammadpour, Fariba Ahmadi and Rojin Mohammadpour, from Bokan, and Diako Zardoshti, a resident of Naqadeh, were detained by security forces.

 All of these citizens were detained without any court order and were transferred to an unknown location after their arrest.

 Fouad Mohammadpour was also arrested by security forces on Tuesday,  11 August 2020.

 Kurdpa's sources in Bokan reported a strong security atmosphere in the city.

 Following the arrest of Kurdish citizens in Bokan on Tuesday evening, January 19th, another citizen, Ali Zulfi, a resident of the Farhangian town of Bokan, was detained by security forces.

 Also, two Kurdish citizens named "Qader Rasoulpour" and "Mohammad Haji Rasoulpour" from Bokan were detained by security forces and taken to an unknown location.

 In this regard, on Tuesday, January 19, a Kurdish citizen named "Rasoul Lavazeh", the son of Mohammad from Piranshahr, was arrested by security forces.

 Security forces raided this citizen's workplace and arrested him without any warrant.

 Simultaneously with the arrest of this citizen from Piranshahr, security forces raided the village of "Kani Badagh" in Piranshahr and arrested two residents of this village named "Karim Khalifani" son of Suleiman and "Hesam Alddin Khezri" son of Rasoul without issuing any court order.  .

 Also on Tuesday, January 19th, a Kurdish citizen named "Rahman Ebrahimi", the son of Ali from the village of "Shauleh" in Naqadeh, was arrested by security forces in Pasoeh, Piranshahr.

 Security forces severely beat up this citizen during his detention.

 Photo: Fouad Mohammadpour and Diako Zardoshti