In six days, 22 people were arrested in Mahabad, Bokan, Miandoab and Oshnavieh

17:06 - 21 August 2022

From the 11th to the 16th of August, a wave of arrests by the security agencies of the cities of Mahabad, Bokan, Miandoab and Oshnavieh resulted in the arrest of 22 people.

 In all these cities, arrests were carried out in bulk and were generally accompanied by raids on homes and workplaces.

 In these six days, 8 people were arrested in Mahabad, 5 people in Miandoab, 5 people in Oshnavieh and 4 people in Bokan, whose names are as follows;

 Mahabad;  On the 14th and 16th of August, eight people were arrested with the names of Naser Ahmadzadeh from Mahabad, Yunus Tahani from Hamzeabad village, Amir Bayzidi-Azer, Shahram Bayzidi-Azer, Kambiz Bayzidi-Azer, Chia Pirzad from Laj village, Jalal Mahmoudi from Gug Tappeh village and Loqman Bahrami from Qara-Qashlaq village.
 Oshnavieh;  On the 14th of August, 5 people were arrested with the names of Arash Piri, Hiwa Mirzaei, Zahir Moradi, Hakim Mirzaei from Bimzarteh and Anwar Payqami from Oshnavieh.
 Miandoab;  On the 14th and 16th of August, five people named Amin Hassanzadeh, Mostafa Blaj from Saroqamish, Ahmed Gergin, Islam Faizi and Peyman Tahzadeh from Gaumishgoli were arrested.
 Bokan;  From August 11th to 15th, four people named Mohammad Karimikhah, Jalal Amini from Bokan, Ismail Karimi from Mirabad and Ali Farooqi from Chahardivar were arrested.

 More details;

 All these 22 people were arrested by the security agencies.
 Until the time of preparing the report, none of them have been able to contact the family.
 So far, it has been determined for Kurdpa that the houses of 10 of them have been raided and searched.  Attention should be paid to house searches and confiscation of electronic devices, etc., in the detention of people, it has become a matter of course for the security institutions.
 Three of the arrested people of Gaumishgoli village named Ahmed Gergin, Islam Faizi and Peyman Tahzadeh were beaten during the arrest.  Also, their families were beaten by the security forces.
 So far, there is no information about the reasons for their arrest and the charges against them.

 The wave of continuous arrests in the past years by security institutions in Kurdistan has been very common and they have reached mass arrests and a wave of widespread arrests due to the events inside and outside of Iran and with the aim of intimidation and fear.

 At the beginning of 2022 , Kurdpa presented a diagram of the arrest pattern in Kurdistan, emphasizing the cities that were the target of the wave of arrests in February.  According to this diagram, the behavior of the security institutions in the detention of the people of Kurdistan can be understood as such that they use a certain pattern of behavior in detention, which can be considered "calculated and planned".

 Arranged by: Evin Mustafazadeh