In Sanandaj, the intelligence agencies do not consider themselves to be bound by urban engineering and urban laws

Kurdpa Agency: the property of the general headquarters of the Law Enforcement Force Kurdistan has been entrusted to this government agency under the pressure of Sanandaj governor.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, the property of the general headquarters of the Law Enforcement Force Kurdistan, under the pressure of the Sanandaj\'s Governor \" Mirzaee\" handed over to Police without any payment. And it was originally approved by the members of the City Council under the chairmanship of Jalal Shariati.

An informed source told the Kurdpa Agency that the main 2828 plaque from Sanandaj, part 3 of the Sanandaj Municipality property, and the green space are basically belonging to the Sanandaj\'s people, but after the armed forces arrived in Sanandaj, and the decree of Khomeini jihad ordered, the property in terms of its landscape over the city was used by the security forces and repressive forces for many years. Nowadays, the police force headquarters is deployed there and all the buildings including organizational houses are not licensed and the municipality completion their work. The Sanandaj\'s municipality, with a lawsuit, has voted to condemn the law enforcement force and demanded the implementation of the vote, meanwhile, with the pressure of the security governor, Mirzaee\'s approval and its approval by members of the city council headed by Jalal Shariati, this property will be transferred to the law enforcement agency without any payment.

this source, requesting anonymity, said: This is not the only property owned by the people of Sanandaj that has come to the illegal capture of a security and government body,\". Major security agencies have been built in property owned by the people, and also lacked any license to build and completion the work, such as the building of the Ettelaat\'s Bureau, which has recently been constructed in numerous homes and houses of Mahdieh. Even the building of the General Inspection Organization of Kurdistan is based on publicly owned properties, which is the use of the green space of the IT Park, which was found to be influenced by the Commission on Article 5 Urban Development of the Road Administration Bureau and Urban Development changed the administrative functions.

According to this source, basically, for security reasons resulting from the Khomeini jihad order in Kurdistan, generally none of the security agencies or government agencies are required to comply with urban engineering and urban laws. The Kosar passage belonging to the Sanandaj\'s Sepah on Shapour Street and basically lacking a civil code, license and completion. It needs to be clarified. So far, none of these institutions have been paying off since the Revolution, the municipal charges that are legally required to pay.

At the end, the source said, \"Sanandaj City Council, as the municipality\'s supervisor, is not able to monitor any corruption due to the fraudulent use of illegal liens and loans from the City Bank, with municipal bail, which is from the citizens tolls.