Imam Jome of Naqadeh: The wedding ceremony should be held for less than three hours without dinner

Kurdpa Agency: Imam Jome of Naqadeh in a letter warned the county\'s Culture and Guidance Office about holding wedding ceremonies for more than three hours.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, Mahmoud Ebrahimi, Imam Jome of Naqadeh, in a letter to the head of the Department of Culture and Guidance, has ordered that the wedding ceremonies must take place less than three hours without dinner.

In this letter bas advised to the police again to prevent the holding of wedding ceremonies for more than three hours at wedding venues (only in the afternoon) and without dinner, and to deal with people and venues that do not comply with the provisions contained in this letter and introduce them to Bureau of Properties.

The letter of Imam Jome of Naqadeh has been signed by the IRGC, Ettelaat and the Prosecutor General\'s Office. According to Imam Jome of Naqadeh a long wedding ceremony practically led to \"corruption.\"

According to this letter, the police should deal with the wedding venues, where they spend more than three hours at weddings and serve dinner, and if the wedding ceremony is mixed, they will close the venue and cancel the activity license.

The Culture and Guidance Office of Naqadeh after the receiving the letter of Imam Jome this city warned the printer_houses that refrain from printing the wedding card over three hours.