Identification of two detainees citizens in Sanandaj

09:48 - 25 November 2019

Kurdpa Agency: The identity of two detained citizens was verified in Sanandaj's protesting rallies. 

 According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, two Kurdish citizens, Rashad Mohammadpour and Dariush Siaril, were detained by security forces during a protest rally in Sanandaj.

 According to an informed source, Rashad Mohammadpour, a 35-year-old, son of Zaman, from Tangi Sar village, was arrested by intelligence forces at his workplace in the Naysar neighborhood of Sanandaj.

 Intelligence forces have seized and taken away the Kurdish citizen's CCTV footage, the source said.

 No information is available on the fate of these two Kurdish detainees at this time.

 Precise figures on the detention of protesters have not yet been released in Sanandaj, but eyewitnesses and human rights activists have reported the detention of dozens of protesters.

 Photo: Rashad Mohammadpour