Identification of five citizens detained in Saqez protest rallies

16:27 - 8 December 2019

 Kurdpa Agency: Identity of five detained citizens identified in Saqez protest rallies.

 According to a report received by the Kurdistan Press Agency, five Kurdish citizens, "Saman Abdollahzadeh, Sirwan Rahimi, Malek Haqiqi, Salar Salehnia and Amin Amjadi", were arrested by intelligence forces during a protest rally.

 These five Kurdish citizens were arrested by intelligence forces on Sunday, November 17th.

 These five Kurdish citizens are currently being held in the Saqez Prison, and their fate is in a state of uncertainty.

 On the other hand, three other Kurdish citizens, "Ehsan Ahmadi, Saman Weissy, and Qahreman", were arrested in Javanrud during the protesting, and their fate are not known.