Human Rights Violators Database in Kurdistan

The Kurdistan Press Agency issues the names of human rights violators in Kurdistan for the first time.

These names have been provided to the Kurdpa Agency by an informed source in the Sanandaj Justice Department, who requested anonymity for security reasons.

\"\"Rajabi, commander of the Sepah Baitul Maqdis and Akbar Jauhari
Jabari, the head of Kurdistan judiciary protection: He is one of the most ruthless and most corrupt judges in Kurdistan. In the case of the embezzlement of the chairman of the Applied Scientific University Kurdistan, Yusuf Rostami, his cousin, in this case, he changed the judicial branch of the case and he imposed the acquittal pronunciation despite all the bank documents.

Akbar Jauhari , the prosecutor of the Kurdistan province: For a decade, as a prosecutor, it is merely a signatory to the indictment of intelligence teams and the Guards. He has never allowed to inspect the Sanandaj Ettelaat Detention Center, the Detention Center of Shahramarf-e-Sepah and 28th Infantry Division of Kordestan Detention Center as the head of the Citizens\' Rights Inspection.

\"\"Akbar Jauhari, Kowlivand, Heidari, Sanandaj Prison Chief
Kowlivand Judge Observer at the Central Prison of Sanandaj and Heidari, Head of the Central Prison: Named persons in accordance with their judicial and administrative authority are the violators of the rights of political and conscience prisoners in Kurdistan Province. Comprehensive reports are being prepared for the ability to cite in international human rights institutions.

\"\"Mojtaba Shirud Bozorgi
Mojtaba Shirud Bozorgi: The head of the Judiciary Organization of the Armed Forces in Kurdistan, is the main factor behind the failure to investigate the murder of the Kolbars in the border areas. The lack of deliberate action against the killings of Kolbars is a matter of responsibility for the implications of international human rights. Mojtaba Shirud Bozorgi, who has gone through a judicial process without any judicial authority and has been prosecuted for a short time, has no judicial basis and has entered the judiciary and at the same time, he is the core of the judiciary\'s selection in Kurdistan.

\"\"Abdullah Dehghan
Abdullah Dehghan, an official from the Ministry of Intelligence at the Kurdistan Court of Justice: he is the intermediary of the security institutions with the Revolutionary Courts Branches in Kurdistan and plays a special role in dealing with political and security cases. At the same time, he is the head of the affairs of the Cultural Department of the Judiciary and the Secretariat at the core of the selection of the Judiciary in Kurdistan. He is the managing director of Mahdieh Kurdistan, who has built the Mahdieh Sanandaj building with great power and influence at the headquarters of the Kurdistan Ettelaat Bureau.

\"\"Sadegh Samadi
Sadegh Samadi, director guard of the Cooperatives, Labour, and Social Welfare of Kurdistan: He has entered the Islamic Revolutionary Committee since the early 1370s and has subsequently been recruited by the Ministry of Intelligence in Kurdistan province. He is a direct participant in the arrest and identification of labor activists and an obstacle to obtaining a license from independent trade unions and workers. According to the information received, by collecting information from labor activists from the Sanandaj provincial offices and provincial subsidiaries, he has been a key contributor from the time of arrest to judicial review in the filing process against independent workers. Influencing the work of the Office of Labor also leads to the inaction of independent workers.

\"\"Zarei brothers
Zarei brothers: Farzad Zarei, member of Sanandaj city council, head of provincial prosecutor\'s office and head of Wushu in province. Kourosh Zarei, former head of the Kurdistan Regional Environment organization and current director of the general counsel of this organization. Zarei\'s brothers focus on civil and environmental activists in the province.

According to reliable information, the Zarei brothers played a very important role in the recent arrests of Kurdistan activists. Farzad Zarei is a security officer working in the security system, with extensive authority over public prosecutors\' offices related to security and political affairs. Farzad Zarei, in terms of access to complaints filed with the Civil Rights Watch, provides security authorities with comprehensive information on civil and human rights activists. above photo is Kourosh and down photo is Farzad Zarei. The city council of Sanandaj got 45 million Toman loans for each member of the City Council from the City Bank. The city council of Sanandaj borrowed 45 million USD for each member of the City Council with the City Bank.

\"\"Mehdi Farzi
Mehdi Farzi, Cultural Deputy Representative of the Wali Faqih in Kurdistan: He does not have any university education, but all issues related to cultural and social affairs are under his consideration, and even the cultural deputies of the security forces have no right to do anything without his permission in Kurdistan. He is keenly sensitive to cultural rights, including teaching Kurdish, even in private institutions. All of the religious and cultural books authorization in Kurdistan are under his control.

\"\"Azad Hekmat
Azad Hekmat is the executive director of Kurdistan Telecommunication: He directly contributes to the telephone tapping of Kurdish citizens through the provision of telecommunication systems without any judicial decree. In this way, Hekmat has made an integral part of the illegal employment and fictitious transactions of the telecommunication company.

\"\"Isa Nakhai Kamalabadi
Isa Nakhai Kamalabadi is the head of the first ethnic cleansing in Kurdistan with a direct order of Khomeini: He dismissed thousands of teachers and employees by forming clearing and selection departments in Kurdistan. He received his diploma education in Kurdistan and his brownie point in Kurdistan, he received a scholarship to Canada. During the reform, he became the head of the Kurdistan University and is currently a faculty member of the same university.

Kurdpa Agency as a freelance press believes that universal human rights protect the rights of all defendants against human rights violations. This list is to inform and more information. The case for each person under the authority of the presence of lawyers and international human rights lawyers will be investigated and detailed examples of human rights violation will be announced. The documentation of this report is sent to the international human rights institutions with all documentation. This list is being updated and will be announced in the upcoming days.

The Kurdistan Press Agency requires itself to observe fundamental human rights, including the right to defense, so the right to defend the defendants is protected by the Kurdpa.