High cost of gold means more temporary marriages

20:39 - 20 February 2012
KURDPA - An Iranian sociologist says men are increasingly unwilling to marry in the traditional way, and are resorting more and more to temporary marriage, or Siqa. This is largely due to an unprecedented increase in the cost of gold coins, the most common form of dowry.

Dr. Ali Asghar Kayhan-Nia told the Mehr news agency: “Men are not very interested in permanent marriage these days. This is due to economic factors; the cost of a wedding party, plus expensive gifts and a dowry. They are also concerned about the cost of supporting a family, so many girls remain single and stay living at home with their parents. This has led to an increase in temporary marriages.”

An article on the Farhikhtegan website entitled ‘Marriage is out of fashion,’ said that the government’s aim of helping young people to marry by offering them free gold coins has run into major difficulties. Following new economic sanctions against the country, plus turbulence in foreign exchange and domestic markets, such coins reached the record price of one million tomans ($500) last week. Farhikhtegan criticised the government for ignoring Iranian economists who had predicted such problems.

Siqa (temporary marriage) has long been condemned by a most Iranians, who say it treats women as sexual objects, and leads to high numbers of unwanted pregnancies and deprived, single-parent families.

Source - Shahrzad News