Gilanegharb; A 70-year-old citizen died due to the explosion of war ammunition

11:51 - 29 August 2022

 Today, Sunday, August 28th, a 70-year-old citizen named "Khosro Jandaro" died due to the explosion of ammunition left over from the war between Iran and Iraq near the village of "Qasim Abad" in the districts of Gilanegharb. 

 This incident happened at 10:17 in the morning in the area of ​​"Kase Kobod Tang Korak" on the southeast side of "Bazi Draz" mountain.

 Khosro Jandaro is from the village of Qasim Abad, one of the districts of Gilanegharb. 

 According to the statistics recorded in Kurdpa Human Rights Organization Statistics Center, from the beginning of 2012 to the end of 2021, a total of 402 civilians in Kurdistan were victims of mine explosions and war weapons.  (103 killed and 299 injured).