Four citizens were killed and injured in a mine explosion in Mehran

 On Friday, July 17, three citizens named "Hadi Omidi, Salim Taras and Cheragh Abdi" lost their lives in a mine explosion and another citizen named "Mehdi Omidi" was injured.

 The governor of Mehran city has announced in this regard: these four citizens have had a mine incident in the public area of ​​"Kalat Ghandi".

 The injured person in this incident is currently undergoing medical treatment at Imam Hossein Hospital in Mehran.

 These four citizens are residents of the "Islamic" town of Mehran.

 According to official investigations, Iran is the second-most contaminated with mines country in the world, and apart from controversial statistics on landmine numbers, it is estimated at four million and two hundred thousand hectares of Iran's land, officials have reported that there has been more than 16 million unexploded mines and ordnance after the end of war in Urmia, Sanandaj, Kermanshah, Ilam and Khuzestan.

 Photo: Cheragh Abdi, Salim Taras and Hadi Omidi