Family fears deportation and execution in Iran over immigration limbo

Kurdpa -The Asadis came to the United States from Iran as political refugees. The family now lives in Mesa and said they can never go back to their homeland.

“They will kill us; they will kill my children,” Asadi said.

The mother of three hoped to get a green card, but instead got red tape.

“We are not terrorists, we fight for freedom in my country,” Asadi said.

Since coming to the U.S. almost nine years ago, the definition of terrorist organizations has changed. It now includes the Kurdish Democratic Party of Iran; the Asadis are members. The husband and wife said the KDPI fights for freedom inside of Iran.

“They think it\'s not fair,\" said attorney Azadeh Najafi, with the Law Office of Najafi & Adib, LLC. \"They’ve had their benefits terminated; they’re not free to travel like the rest of us.\"

Najafi said her client\'s SSI benefits have been terminated due to a time limitation. Asadi said that was her main source of income to feed her family.

Najafi said her client is in immigration limbo.

Asadi hasn’t been able to leave the country in nine years and hasn’t seen her mother in more than two decades.

The family is now suing the government for a ruling.

“We understand this puts people in a difficult situation where they must wait for many years for something that they might get right away, but we think the situation in keeping these cases on hold while we work through the exemption process is the best possible situation for the time being,” said Tim Counts with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

Counts admits thousands of people are battling the same problem.

“We believe leaving some 4,500 people in limbo for the time being is a much better option than adjudicating the applications because we would have to deny them right now,” Counts said.

If the mom’s case is denied, she could be deported to Iran. If that happens, Asadi said her family would face execution

“We didn\'t do anything wrong for them to not give us a green card for no reason,” said Asadi.