Executions and savaged punishments escalate in Iran

KURDPA - On the eve of fire feast in Iran, antihuman regime of the mullahs, in fear of popular uprising, has intensified savage executions. Only in the period of 7 to 11 March 2012, 10 prisoners have been hanged in various cities.

On Sunday, March 11, eight prisoners including two women were hanged collectively in the prison of Zahedan (southeast of Iran); two of them were Afghan citizens. The regime’s executioners have charged each family of the victims with 110,000 tomans in exchange for delivering the bodies, 50,000 tomans of it for the price of the rope!

Two other prisoners were hanged publicly on 7 and 8 of March in Fardis of Karaj (west of Tehran) and Shirwan (East of Iran) (IRNA, state-run news agency, March 8 and State-run daily Jomhouri Eslami, March 7 )

Mullahs’ regime’s other criminal measures to intensify the intimidation atmosphere in the society include dissemination of the news of issuance of three criminal and antihuman verdicts of eye gauging in the provinces of Tehran, Isfahan and Kurdistan during the period of February 20 to 25 ( according to state news agency ISNA on February 20 and 22; FARS news agency affiliated to IRGC); arbitrary arrests under the guise of security measures; and arrest of “hooligans and thugs (FARS news agency, March 8).