Execution of two prisoners charges on \"drug crimes\" in Urmia Prison

Kurdpa Agency: Two detainees accused on \"drug crimes\" were executed at the Urmia Central Prison.

On Tuesday, July 16th, a death sentence was issued against two prisoners, Moharam Nemati, from section 3-4 of Urmia Prison and Askar Bartar, from section 10 in Urmia Prison.

These two detainees were arrested in 1395 (Hijri) and sentenced to death for \"drug crimes\".

The website of \"HRANA\" announced yesterday that the two prisoners had been transferred to the Urmia prison for execution of the death sentence in solitary confinement cells.

in this regard, on Tuesday July 16, 2019 four prisoners of Urmia prison were executed on the charge of murder. Their names of the prisoners are Himan Bonavand, Jafar (Iman) Mohammadi, Mohammad Aref (Jahangir) Najafian, and Mahmoud Khaledi.