Execution of two other prisoners in Urmia Prison

Kurdpa Agency: Two other prisoners who transferred to solitary confinement to execute the death sentence in the central prison of Urmia were executed.

According to reported news to the Kurdpa Agency, the dawn of Monday, March 11, two other prisoners named \"Khalil Salehi\", the son of Hassan Saleh from the village of Shibiran, Salmas city, and Hussein Rahimi, son of Habib from Bokan city were executed in the central prison of Urmia.

These two prisoners were transferred to individual cells on Sunday, March 10th, with another prisoner called \"Naji Omerzadeh\" from the ordinary crimes of Urmia Prison.

The execution of \"Naji Omerzadeh\" was also carried out on Monday, March 11th in the central Prison of Urmia.

Khalil Salehi, about 9 years ago and Hossein Rahimi, from 11 years ago, with the charged of \"murder\" were in the central prison of Urmia.

photos: Hossein Rahimi and Khalil Salehi