Execution of two Kurdish political prisoners in Urmia Central Prison

 On the morning of Tuesday, July 14, the death sentences of two Kurdish political prisoners, Saber Sheikh Abdullah and Diako Rasoulzadeh from Mahabad, were carried out in Urmia Central Prison.

 According to an informed source from Urmia Prison, the death sentences of the two Kurdish political prisoners were carried out in the presence of the families of the 13 victims of the September 2010  bombing in Mahabad.

 These two political prisoners were transferred from ward 1_2 in Urmia Prison to solitary confinement on Monday, July 13, to serve their sentences.

 The execution of these two Kurdish political prisoners comes as Amnesty International said in a statement that Iranian government officials should immediately suspend the execution of Saber Sheikh Abdullah and Diako Rasoulzadeh.

 "Saber Sheikh Abdullah, son of Mostafa and a former graduate student of Allameh Tabatabai University in Tehran, and Diako Rasoulzadeh have been imprisoned since 2013. in appealing court in 2017, they sentenced to death again on charges of "bombing and collaborating with a Kurdish opposition party of the Iranian government."

 The death sentences of these two political prisoners were confirmed in the Supreme Court after the verdict of the First Branch of the Revolutionary Court of Urmia.

 The death sentence of Hossein Osmani, another co-defendant of the two political prisoners sentenced to death, was overturned in the Supreme Court and then sentenced by the First Branch of the Mahabad Revolutionary Court to thirty years in prison and exile to Urmia Central Prison.

 Saber Sheikh Abdullah, Hossein Osmani and Diako Rasoulzadeh were arrested in March 2014 by plainclothes forces of the Mahabad Intelligence Agency.

 These three citizens were sentenced to death in mid-March 2015 in first Branch  of the Mahabad Revolutionary Court, presided over by Judge Ahmad Javadikia, on charges of "bombing" and "membership of a Kurdish opposition party of the Islamic Republic of Iran."

 The Ministry of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran had accused these three Kurdish citizens of being involved in the September 2011 bombing in Mahabad and of being members of the Kurdish opposition parties.

 Earlier, one of Saber Sheikh Abdullah's academics told Kurdpa: "The case of Saber Sheikh Abdullah was handed over to Haidar Moslehi, the former Minister of Intelligence, and he was accused of making a case and being involved in the Mahabad bombing, while Saber  He had no information. "

 These three Kurdish citizens from Mahabad were detained in Urmia Central Prison and the detention center of the city's intelligence Bureau, and were subjected to "physical and psychological torture" for "televised confessions."