Execution of a prisoner accused of murder in Urmia prison

11:11 - 17 November 2019

 Kurdpa Agency: The death sentence of a prisoner convicted of murder was carried out by authorities in Urmia Prison.

 According to a report sent to Kurdistan Press Agency on Tuesday, November 12th, the death sentence of a convicted murderer named "Meysam Ghorbannejad" from band 4 of Urmia Central Prison was executed.

 According to an informed source in the Urmia prison, the prisoner was transferred to solitary confinement on Monday, November 11th, with another prisoner, "Mehdi Mostafaizadeh", from band  1-8 of the Urmia prison for carrying the execution. 

 The Urmia prison-informed source told the Kurdpa Agency: Mehdi Mostafizadeh has been returned to prison after receiving a two-month deadline from avenger of blood. 

 Maysam Ghorbannejad was arrested a few years ago on charges of "premeditated murder" and sentenced to Qisas by the judiciary.