Execution of a prisoner accused of "murder" in Sanandaj Central Prison

 At dawn on Thursday, July 30, the death sentence of a prisoner accused of "murder" named "Morteza Pirkhezri", 42 years old, from Sanandaj, was carried out in the central prison of this city.

 According to an informed source from Sanandaj prison, on Monday, July 27, the execution of this citizen was delayed by giving him 45 days to pay 2 billion Tomans in ransom, but the prison authorities suddenly executed him.

 This prisoner accused of "murder" was transferred to solitary confinement in Sanandaj Prison on Saturday, July 26, along with another prisoner named "Saeed Mohammadifar" from Kermanshah.

 Morteza Pirkhezri was arrested two years ago on charges of "premeditated murder" and sentenced to retaliation (execution) by the judiciary.

 So far, the execution of this Kurdish citizen in Sanandaj Central Prison has not been announced by the state media.