Ettelaat prevents Hassan Amini\'s participation at the Zahedan graduation conference

Kurdpa Agency: Sanandaj Ettelaat Bureau prevented from attending the head of the Imam Bukhari School of this city in graduate Sunni Scholar students seminar in Zahedan.

According to a report by the Kurdistan Press Agency, on the eve of the graduation ceremony of the Darul uloom Zahedan scholarship, the Sanandaj Ettelaat Bureau prevented the participation of Hassan Amini, the head of the Imam Bukhari School of the city, at the ceremony.

Last year, the Sanandaj Ettelaat Bureau also prevented the participation of this Kurdish religion man in the graduation ceremony of Darul uloom scholarships in Zahedan.

Hasan Amini published a massage and said: this action of Sanandaj Ettelaat Bureau is against law and religious law.

On Wednesday, July 5th 2017, Hasan Amini was trialed at the Hamedan Special Clerical Court and was charged with propaganda against the regime through speeches, written and media interviewed.